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Acquired by Harry Knowles in 1978, Ram’s Head Inn was formerly known as the Dutch Barn which served Pennsylvania Dutch food served family style.

While the food has changed a bit since its days as the Dutch Barn, the spirit of the Pennsylvania Dutch and the restaurant image Fred and Ethel Noyes purchased in 1976 remains intact by virtue of some of the decorations like an authentic apple press and spinning wheel and contemporary interpretations of classic dishes like the well regarded Chicken Pot Pie.

But the level of sophistication, refinement and fine dining of Harry Knowles’ flagship restaurant, The Manor in West Orange, NJ, would soon find itself at home in the former 1930s roadhouse. To date, the restaurant has earned enough awards and accolades that they take up an entire wall.

T.S. Evans of Shore News Today provides the following history of the property:

The building was originally a roadhouse in the 1930s and 40s. After World War II it was called Phillip’s Inn and then Black Steer Ranch before it became the Dutch Barn. Since Fred Noyes was an Aries, the couple named the restaurant the Ram’s Head Inn.

Ethel passed away in 1978, and the restaurant was sold to Harry Knowles who kept the name. Fred died in 1987, and his favorite table, number 53, was retired the day he died.

Today, RHI continues to be the go-to place to celebrate special occasions, large or small and with delicious food, as well as an ideal place to commune with friends over cocktails and conversation any day of the week.

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