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Eco Friendly Business

For most, being eco-friendly or “green” simply means using energy efficient lightbulbs, purchasing produce from local farms that don’t use pesticides and recycling their aluminum cans and glass bottles.

Ram’s Head Inn takes this not just one, but many steps further in a variety of ways…

Pleasantdale Farm

Pleasantdale Farm, located on the grounds of Pleasantdale Château, another venue owned by the Knowles family, produces thousands of pounds of produce each year – all of which is pesticide-free and used in the kitchens of our restaurants. Learn more »

Veggie Van

Most restaurants pay to have their used vegetable oil removed from their property. Instead, the Knowles collect it (along with the used oil from Pleasantdale Château, Highlawn Pavilion and The Manor), filters it twice and stores it in heavy-duty barrels at The Manor. It is then pumped into the gas tank of our Dodge Sprinter delivery van, affectionately known as the “Veggie Van”. Learn more »