o our dear family, friends, and long-time customers. Ram’s Head Inn is currently closed. Serious and extensive issues with the building’s sprinkler system has forced this closure. Fire and safety issues must take precedence and we have no wish to put our guests at risk. Township officials are aware of the problem and have been working with us. We are exploring possible options to address this, though given how extensive the problem appears, which would also include significant demolition of walls and ceilings, and yet unknown additional costs, we do not as yet have specifics of a timeline (certainly long) when we will reopen, if, sadly, we are able to at all.

We certainly did not hope to begin the new year in this fashion, and we did our best with stop-gap measures to remain open through the holidays for our guests, but the immediacy of the issue finally forced our hand. We are remiss about the sudden nature of this decision and would have preferred the opportunity to address it in a way that more embraced our guests.

As many of our cherished long-time are aware, we have consistently operated Ram’s Head Inn with pride for over 40 years and have made great efforts to maintain what we consider a historic gem through very challenging economic times in the Atlantic City area, with great demands on the building and at great costs, while many other businesses were faced with unfortunate fates. We were concurrently battling a number of other building-related issues with intent to persevere, though the sprinkler issues ultimately were the pivotal circumstance demanding closure.

Had we more fortunate news of the inspection of our sprinkler system, we would have much preferred to continue our unbroken tradition of welcoming members of the community to dine and celebrate with us. It is with great sadness that we share this news with you. To those upset by our closure, we certainly understand and merely ask you to consider our predicament as a business. To those of you who have already reached out to us personally or in posts to express your well wishes and support, as well as thanks for the years you’ve dined with us, we are endlessly grateful. We sincerely hope to see you all again in the near future, in one form or another. Thank you all.

The Knowles Family & Ram’s Head Inn Team